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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Memoirs of Dream Street

Assalam...Hey Guys, well it's a been rough week for me because lots of problem and works still uncovered...i'm still drawing blank just because i can't do's too heavy...But you never know your true strength if you haven't try...right?

then, i've been too many crushes....TOO MANY...i really want to be loved by someone that i can tells a secret to, hangout,watch a movie, tells a story about our lives and problem and giving advice but i never tasted that...other than my own family... but having too many crushes is a problem,ya know? because i'm supposed to be wait and hold on the one i was waiting for...

College can kill you if you not prepare trust me...i've been there it took you money,life and gives you stress but....if you good enough you can take em...all you need is Determination,trust and Finally....BE PATIENT...DON'T BE AN IDIOT who makes a stupid jokes....

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