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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Enigma Corporation(Lost Tapes)

As'salam....Hey Guys....did you watch that television series called "Lost Tapes" at astro channel 551?? well if you never watch it,that means you probably never heard a myth creatures like "Serpent Gods,Yeti,Stirgoi Vampire,HellHound and others...But There something caught my eyes to watch this Show....
   Like A Team Named:Enigma Corporation a Private Security Firm...Wannabe FBI or CIA something like that...Team Leader Agent Noel Connor and his Partner Tactical Specialist Agent Elise Mooney. Episode Like"Zombies,Serpent Gods And Strigoi Vampire...
  Beside,the show this team keep professional  enthusiasm attach even though many of this team died....There are Tanner Noble:Bitten By Zombie,DiSanto:Sacrifice Ritual Victim,Naomi And Fischer:Killed By Vampire... anyway...even though this is just a show but you can learn a lot from this team....GO TEAM ENIGMA!!!

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