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Saturday, 15 December 2012

magical of happiness,sadness and hardwork

the world teach us about life and how to understand people that we feel,we are connected to them...even though we try to help but some people don't get about the difference between happiness and sadness.......sad is it? we're just normal people try to make some changes but i believe in Allah S.W.T  is the best planner...and to i have to obey it for eternal paradise... i believe it...we all have to believe in Allah because we lived for another day...a reason to be reason to be sad...we prayed every single day for Allah... and we to changes peoples mind about that racist,abuse,killing for no reason...without the right communication,there is no relationship...without love,there is no respect....without trust,there is no reason to continues to live...when you feel down and sad don't feel that way...all you have to do is stand up,cheer up fine your way to success ....Insyallah Allah will be there for you.....-Xpand Your Imagination

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