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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

pain,sadness,hollow...Dedicated to all my friends

what is pain?? pain is can connected by physical and mental...but which one hurts the most...broke your foot? dump by your lover?? your choice...but let me tell you what's hurts the most...i wish i have one more day in school i miss my friends and i'm sorry all my mistakes i know i can't be a good friend...even though i'm pissed you guys off...but i never hold a revenge on you guys...i love you matter what,you punched me,kicked me,insulted me,framed me...i never get angry because you guys are my 2nd family...i don't want hold my sins long enough because all my mistakes because of us...i'm sorry from bottom of my heart...even it's going to break my heart and i'm in tears right now,writing for pain and it's going to challenging to ask forgiveness from all of you...that's is pain...pain come from sadness and bottom of your heart,when you let your heart speaks you will taste sadness and pain....and that's i feel right now...pain,sadness,happiness when you look back at your life ask you want a second shot to be complete in life?? or you want take life for granted as your life right now,i'm choose neither....YOUR LIFE YOUR regret...Again...I'M SORRY TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND I KNOW I'M NOT A GOOD FRIEND BUT YOU GUYS WILL BE MY FRIENDS UNTIL THE DAY I DIE......-XPAND YOUR IMAGINATION.Meanwhile this song is the best describer how i feel right now....

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