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Sunday, 19 July 2015


Assalamualaikum, it's been a while...busy in life, busy chasing things i don't even consider this me anymore...i'm think i've already change right before my eyes...i said to myself...don't worry everything will be fine...but i think it's going to be really hard to move and meeting new people because it's hard to find the one that needed to meet and greet...included meeting some old friends...on the other hand...i'm stuck between need and wants...i'm stuck and i can't move and think...i kept thinking die and suicide every single day...i'm having a terrible time...luckily i have family and friends to move...but i need to go and get it what i want. it's know...this thing right here is the only spot i can say it freely....i say that i hate myself, i hate everything about me and i hate about things that i did because everything i did will be backlash to me again...i'm tired and i'm hurt and i need time...but time will wait for no one..i probably gone crazy and thoughtless...but i gotta keep my heads up and go with it..before i'm going down...if they can keep me up.

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