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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Battle for the Strongest...

Assalam,Hey guys i know it's been months i didn't update my blog because my college life and my personal life it takes a toll on my body..i'm tired ya know... cuz i want it all....nothing at's all? or are we just friends? i really gone to clueless state of mind... i don't even have a slightest of problem with them...but suddenly they attack without a rational excuses... that's messed up... all my life, i've been trying to clawed my way out...and now it's just a problem to me...i'm torn into pieces with all these problem....time after time...some of them, are gone on the other hand still growing pain...i'm still trying to go where my dream and memory that more than i can chewed... some of my friends is changing some"thing" that i don't even recognized them anymore... he used to be a guy that fun and respectful...turned into a hot head and girl that's a problem... i can't believe that just happened to me...i understand that...anyway, i still going to find my way to succeed because i will not stop until i get what i want....-Xpand your Imagination.

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