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Sunday, 10 August 2014

I'm sorry.

Assalam, sorry i didn't update this blog because i was too busy for myself about college stuff but that's not why i'm here...i'm here because My Childhood Crush hates bothers me for knowing the truth. i was devastated because i was too warped up for her and i paid the price. if you see the screenshot that i will see why i cry, why i was devastated, why i make her angry. people changes so does she.
I know she's has a crush/boyfriend just she never admitted. Truth hurts but lies are worse.
I love her with all my heart. 10 years we been missing and 4 moths ago i finally found her and it was worthless because my ultimate goal is Meeting her, but she hates me now. And i lost my chances. I failed. I been in bicycle accident, Broken Shin, ankle's splits, kneecap injured, dislocated
shoulders and many more and if i times more than all i feel...THIS is 100000000 hurts more. *That person* if you see this. I'm sorry because i was been so needed you. I really hope we will meet again Insyaallah
p/s: I love You.