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Friday, 6 June 2014

Chances or Fate?

Assalam, finally my Semester 2 is done....and i'm tired...and scared because i don't know the result of my finals...i'm anxious....the other news is My childhood crush...yes, she has a boyfriend...i think it's been a while, before i found i think she's already have a boyfriend maybe because i was a step too late? or she met him since her school age? because anything can happen in 10 years...i want to meet her but i still have no chance to see her...i wanna talk to her, smile,laugh, reminiscent our memories and latest info...i don't care if i gone away to somewhere but...before that thing happen i wanna see her First! how many chances you gotta try? how many of them did you made it?....there's only one thing to say about her before i left....
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