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Friday, 9 May 2014


Assalam, finals is here...and it been Busy like hell! i know me and the guys are working our asses off but i still think, that i'm just a small part or role in assignment because i'm just average dude...even though i get credits because for the brains but i still low at studying...even my childhood friend or girlfriend....I'M STILL CONFUSED!! i want her! i want my future!i want my family stay happy! i want to be in heaven! I DESERVED BETTER! If i want it...i gotta go get it! this is my chance. this is my time. my time is now. the stage is doesn't get any better than this. i will fight, i will not stay down, i will stop i will have the passion and drive to succeed!! DAMN IT! why it's so hard to prepare yourself to a war?? Like Sandman,Roach,Ghost,Capt.Price and others always prepare for wars and willing to take the i really ready? am i gonna make it? am i gonna get my future? i don't know what i'm facing...but i'll make sure i will be ready.

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