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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Strength Or Strong?

As'salam ,everybody...i'm going to tell you about the difference between strength and strong....we all know the difference we realize what inside of us?? i know that feel too but should you do something about it??? yes you will...find it and you will get your way there...aim high,reach them....

We still think how we going to find out...what is strength....strength is physically strong but they can't help you with your inner problem...hands up and Pray for ALLAH S.W.T....don't be an arrogant as Thankful for Strong that you needed so long...think carefully,look around supposed to be thankful for everything that happen to you and they have first world problem that blame everything that's when they not strong enough to face that kind of situation....8 years ago,my family having a very big Fight as a result my mom re-married and same thing happen to my dad...i have 2 hot-headed brother,1 cool brother but hurts because of the past,and 2 sister has a very sarcastic mouth...but how??...It's Simple think postively....I LOVE THEM! why?? they adult as my family member they supposed to teach me about life...8 years tough years later...WE'RE BACK AS FAMILY AGAIN...why?? Strong...if you willing go trough the will get there..just promise me one thing only......DON'T SLEEP UNTIL YOU SUCCESS...

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